Welcome To Erpol Zımpara


Our company, which is new in the sector, started operating in Istanbul in 2012. Corporate With the products we produce in our company where sanding and fiber felts are processed, we aim to provide users of various business lines - our customers with higher quality speeds at lower costs. Corporate We are not interested in the known assessment, such as 'those with more reputation' and 'those with less reputation' or 'the more reputable you are', based on criteria such as Production Capacity - Market Volume and Capital Size. Corporate ER poly; He believes that the concrete basis of reliability and reputation is the product produced and that it goes through respect for the effort put into this production process. ER poly; It is a manufacturer company that carefully follows all the works that accelerate with its production in our sector, tries to learn from the experiences that paves the way for our sector and spends all its energy to improve the product quality. Our basic principle is to be reliable and permanent with product quality, taking into account customer demands and complaints. ”